Timeless Passion

Timeless Passion is my solo project.

Main Members
Markus Brunner (timelesspassion): Songwriting, Songwriting-Lyrics, Guitars, Bass, Cajon, E-Drum, Keyboards, Vocals
Guest Players are mentioned...

Silver Lucidity

Silver Lucidity is a concept album project with musicians from all over the world.

Main Members
Markus Brunner (timelesspassion): Songwriting, Guitars, Bass, Cajon, Piano, Keyboards, Vocals
Elizabeth Auzan: Songwriting-Lyrics
Gal Hornstein: Songwriting-Lyrics
Cree Patterson: Vocals
Tarjei Skarlund: Vocals
Guest Players are mentioned...
Concept Albums
Far From The Tree

Chillout Monkeys

Chillout Monkeys is a Lounge music project.

Main Members
Markus Brunner (timelesspassion): Songwriting, Guitars, Bass, Virtual-Instruments
Anne Weißenfels (MrsBeats): Songwriting, Keys, Virtual-Instruments, Saxophone

Jäger Volant

Jäger Volant is a formation of musicians who found each other via kompoz.com: 4 strangers from 4 countries became part of the phenomenon of online collaboration. Coming as well from a diverse range of musical styles, each had been experimenting with a range of people online. It's often like mixing a potion blindfolded, and one can't be certain the ingredients that go in will be compatible... But rarely, it produces magic. Driven by the primal riffage of Ronnie forming the framework, Alyo and Markus layered in their own rhythms to give the songs life and form. Matthew stumbled last into the process, bringing his sense of weaving vocal harmonies and uncommon lyrical style. With the freedom of being completely unbounded, the songs range from dark explorations of the inescapble repetition of the past, to a light hearted nose-thumbing at faux spiritual charlatans, in a pure and satisfying rock swagger.

Main Members
Ronnie Day (Sidious): Main Guitars, Songwriting
Matthew Villeneuve (Mahfoo): Vocals, Songwriting-Lyrics, Additional Instruments
Alex Zulaika (alyo): Drums, Percussions
Markus Brunner (timelesspassion): Bass, Additional Guitars

Dark Rain

Dark Rain Homepage

Main Members
Markus Brunner: Songwriting, Guitar
Sarah Pfannenschwarz: Songwriting-Lyrics, Vocals
Harry Pfannenschwarz: Songwriting, Drums
Constanze Walz (2000): Bass
Liza Pfannenschwarz (2000-2004): Bass
Katja Deutschmann (2004-2007): Bass

Just Employees

Just Employees is a project which was formed during the covid-19 pandemic to produce some nice home-office-songs.

Other Collaborations

All released collaboration-projects from kompoz.com which are not set up in a fixed main formation are listed under this playlist.